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Moral and Ethical IssuesME
Philosophy and SpiritualityPS
Science and ReligionSR
Teaching and TrainingTT
Theology and DoctrineTD
World ReligionsWR
Aanonson, TheresaPS55: School Assemblies – what difference can they make?
Abbott, PaulineTT362: Child led collective worship: a research project to create resources for developing theological thinking through children leading class collective worship at KS2
Abraham, ChloeTT406: “I Can Read Too!”
Absalom, LisaTT231: The Wonder of It All–: Exploring ‘Awe and Wonder’ in the primary community school
Ackers, AndrewTT270: ‘I can build bridges just as well as the boys’ An Exploration of Effective Gender Learning in RE
Adams, KatePS10: God talks to me in my dreams
Adams, JackieTT48: Teachers-Beleagured, Down But Not Out
Albans, PhilTT42: Effective Questioning in Primary RE and the Assessment of Pupils’ Learning from Religion
Allen, MaureenTT217: Using IT to develop ‘Christian Life and Values’ in the Church in Wales RE Syllabus
Allen, SarahTT299: Making the A-level Implications Paper More Accessible to Pupils
Allison, SarahTT386: Another brick in the wall: what does coherent progression look like in key stage 3 RE?
Amos, MarkTT319: The Christologies of Karl Barth and Karl Rahner
Andrews, ElizabethWR11: Teaching Buddhism in a Western Classroom
Anne-Marie, AppletonTT384: Facing the challenges of the new GCSE (GCSE Judaism guide)
Anstice, NaomiTT417: No Time for Global Learning
Apichella, JudithTT224: From Playdoh to Plato: Thinking Skills and Foundation Stage Religious Education
Archer, SimonTT313: Church School – Changing Society: A study investigating the changing intake to Anglican schools in year 7 and the implications that this has for the teaching of RE
Archer, SimonTD35: Church School – Changing Society: A study investigating the changing intake to Anglican schools in year 7 and the implications that this has for the teaching of RE
Arliss, Julie PS092: Thinking Well
Armstrong, DavidTD03: Heresy and Schism in the Early Church
Arrowsmith, SarahPS083: Lighting the candle: children’s responses to sacred spaces
Atkinson, WendyTT88: The Management of a Whole School Approach to Values Education
Attwell, DalwynTT03: Tell Me About It
Atwell, SianTT243: A Kinaesthetic Approach to Teaching Religious Education to Special Needs Pupils
Bacon, RachelTT268: Captivating Children and Making the Bible Relevant by Using Reflective Story Telling
Bagnall, SusieTT266: A Conceptual Approach to RE for Primary Schools
Banfield, ClifflynnTT325: Progression and Continuity Within the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus for KS1 and KS2
Banks, DannyTT115: Religious Literacy, Literacy and Evaluative Skills
Barber, HelenTT426: Cracking Christian Concepts in a Cathedral
Barfoot, PeterPS80: Spiritual Development across a Family of Schools: Starting Points
Barker, David TT324: Resources for a Scheme of Work for KS1/3
Barnes, DeniseWR38: Creating Quality RE Resources For Children with Special Needs
Barnett, DianeTT43: Developing Approaches into Effective Methods of Teaching RE in the Primary School
Bartlett, DylanPS54: Dveloping a short course on happiness and wellbeing for fifth year students at The Royal High School Edinburgh
Bartlett, DoreenTT49: An Investigation into the Teaching and learning of RE in Nursery and Reception Classes
Bartlett, CynthiaTT222: Expectations, Encouragement and Empowerment – an Education: An alternative to Targets, Testing and Tables – a Tragedy
Bassett, ElizabethTT50: Relating Religious Education to Life
Beatham, MaryTD09: Revisiting Emmaus: The Eucharist and Catholic Education
Beavan, JoTT303: Exploring and assessing the role of visits and visitors in Secondary Religious Education
Bebb, MatthewTT277: Introducing Philosophy: Socrates – From the marketplace to the classroom
Bebb, MatthewTT421: What is the Value of RE Within Catholic Schools?
Becky Palmer, Katharine Hutchinson andTT370: More than just a search engine: using iPads to support students in shaping their own learning
Beech, MaxineTT335: Does Humanism have a place in RE?
Bentley, JanePS09: Spirituality in the Classroom, its Development in Faith Communities and in a Non-religious Context
Berry, YvonneWR32: The role of Christianity in two constrasting societies: the implications for the study of Global Christianity in Religious Studies
Biddle, IainTT314: The end of examinations and a one size fits all approach to task setting? A critical reflection on an approach to assessment in KS3 RE centred on differentiation by key skill specific tasks
Biddulph, JeremyTT365:Teaching Without Fear: The Politics of ‘Prevent’ and ‘British Values’ in the Classroom
Bigg, MichaelTT310: Reframing KS3 – Critically real religion, philosophy and ethics for inclusion and progression
Bird, Stephen TD24: The Last Judgement
Birdsall, ChristinePS01: Starting School: the Beginning of Religious Education?
Black, JaneTT269: Godly Play in the Primary Classroom?
Blackwood, JoyPS34: Spirituality Through Music: an Approach for Special Schools
Blencowe, JuliaWR08: The Teaching of World Religions in an All-White School
Boast, ElizabethWR69: Key Stage 2 Thematic Schemes of Work
Bolton, JackieTT33: An Investigation into the place of Paganism within RE
Boreham, CarolineTT267: ‘The Heart of Education’: Helping Pupils Grow and Develop as People
Bosanko, ElizabethTT144: Developing a range of teaching strategies for the ‘non-specialist’ RE teacher
Bowater, SaraTT333: ‘Through her eyes’: A study considering traditional and feminist hermeneutical theories applied to the Book of Esther
Bowater, SaraTD37: “Through her eyes” – A study considering traditional and feminist hermeneutical theories applied to the Book of Esther
Bowen, SusanPS44: Touching to my heart: promoting spiritual development in schools using multi-media presentations
Bowen, BerylWR52: Teaching Hinduism in Key Stage 1
Brady, TerenceTT364: Religious Education – an historical and contemporary evaluation towards a future contribution into a ‘shared future’
Breavington, JudyPS62: Silence is Golden
Bremner, VioletTT254: Learning for Life
Brench, LyndaTT262: Preparing Units of Work to Enhance the Teaching of RE in a Primary School – “Keeping the little one in the bed”
Brentnall, JohnWR04: The language of Orthodox Icons-a resource for teachers
Brentnall, JohnWR04: The language of Orthodox Icons-a resource for teachers
Brock, RichardTT347: Four Quartets: T.S. Eliot and Spirituality: A scheme of work and lesson resources
Broddle, ChristopherME14: The Just War Tradition, History and Future
Brogden, DeniseTT90: The Use of Stories in Religious Education to Encourage Language
Brooke, JaneTT02: Ways of Teaching the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Parables in the Secondary School
Brooke, JaneTT87: The Drawing Out Not the Pumping In
Brooman, Sally-AnneTT400: The Impact of Understanding Christianity
Brown, AdrianSR01: The Tension between Scientism and Postmodernism
Brown, LisaTT93: Multi-Sensory Religious Education
Browne, IanME02: How the Ecological Movement has changed Christian perceptions of Nature, Theology and Ethics
Bullock, JamesTT130: Learning from Religion
Bulman, ValerieME06: An Investigation of Moral Issues in children’s Lives
Burdon, TimTD36: “Good people go to heaven, bad people go to hell” – Do school children have an accurate understanding of Christian beliefs about life after death?
Burgess, TimTT44: Collective Worship
Burton, AnnWR62: Providing ‘Story Sacks’ to enhance the learning of Religious education with particular emphasis on teaching World Faiths
Bush, VictoriaTT257: ‘Making Prayer in Church of England Primary Schools Inclusive and Distinctive’
Bushnell, RuthTT76: Religious Education through Dance
Butler, PeterTT240: Developing a Key Stage 3 Religious Education curriculum for a City Academy
Buxton, ShirleyTT119: Effective Religious Education for All
Callion, LyndseyTT58: Networked Learning: Real Potential or Empty Rhetoric?
Campbell, JaneWR20: Jewish Festivals and Topics in the Primary School
Campbell, CarlyTT385: A Religious Education scheme of work for the Primary Department in an SLD school with a bank of associated stories/suggested activities
Campbell Stroud, GeraldineTT353: Lost Voices – Meaning of RE in a Nottinghamshire Secondary School
Cappleman, StephenTT142: Methods of differentiation in Religious Education
Card, CatrionaTT01: First-Hand Experience of the Second Religion(s) at Key Stage One
Card, Katherine TT387: Let’s put the kettle on: engaging children with British values through RE
Carter, IanTT256: ‘ A comparative study into school approaches and attitudes to the teaching of able secondary age children in single – sex and co-educational selective schools’
Cartwright, SallyTT204: Developing Independent Learning Skills through Religious Education
Case, JackiePS08: Spirituality in a Secular Society
Cassidy, PatriciaTT205: Making Connections: Exploring the links between Religious Education and Work Related Learning at KS4
Casson, AnnWR47: The teaching of other faiths in Catholic schools in the North East
Cave, SandyTT107: Tell The Story Simply
Chapman, StephenTT51: Assessment in Religious Education: Problems and Possibilities
Charnley, KirstenTT45: Yawn, yawn, boring, boring-is this RE today?
Chester, BetsyWR16: Creation Stories
Christodoulou, GlennTT184: Recent ICT advances in Education and their Application to RE
Clare, JeremyME33: “What do we do now, Sir?”
Clarke, StephenTT147: Towards a skill-based curriculum: Religious Education in the knowledge economy
Clarke, HeatherPS084: Teacher wellbeing: how good are we at looking after ourselves?
Clegg, JennyME15: Prejudice and Discrimination
Clephane, MartinPS75: From Philosophy to Catechism
Clephane, MartinTT323: From Philosophy to Catechism
Coady, CarolynPS31: Developing and Articulating Spirituality across the Curriculum in the Special School
Cockcroft, PaulTT63: Seeking Pattern-Religious Imagination and the Young child
Cole, IsabellaTT118: Thinking About Thinking
Cole, LynnTT190: The Non-Specialist Teacher and Religious Education at Key Stage 4
Cole, LynnTT399: Supporting service families in school
Coleman, JohnTT182: Designing and developing activities for ongoing KS3 Assessments within the existing Scheme of Work of a school for children with complex difficulties
Coles, RichardTT363: A Theological and Philosophical case for making the teaching of Religious Studies distinctive in a Church of England or Christian School
Coles, JoTT244: Exploring Oxford’s Churches
Collin, SusanTT77: Teaching about the Holocaust in Primary Schools
Colson, LindaWR56: Re-designing current 48 units with specific special educational needs of pupils in mind
Connor, ZoeTT338: ‘Hidden’ RE: Faith, History and Heritage
Cook, AlisonTT123: Teaching Tolerance and Promoting Peace
Cook, KatiePS095: How do the Christian Values of Leaders co-exist alongside characteristics of Complexity Theory?
Cooney, ChrisTT402: Exploring the Gap between Key-Stage 2 and Key-Stage 3 RE
Cope, MarkTT04: Religious Education and More Able Students
Corbett, AnnaTT226: Gifted and talented or giving away treats?
Corderoy, LynTT281: Right and Wrong: The Moral Maze
Coster, CarolineTT62: Is there a Role for the Internet in RE?
Cotter, SalyTT53: The role of the clergy in the Provision of Religious Education
Coutts, KatePS81: Metasaga – Discover yourself in the world around you
Craig, JohnTT294: The impact of modelling behaviour and the language of choice on the behaviour of students in a special school
Crispin, RebeccaTT151: Religious Education Planning and Activities for Pupils with Special Educational Needs using the Devon, Plymouth and Torbay Agreed Syllabus and Schemes of Work
Croft, MeganTT366: Engaging the Disengaged (Staff and Students): An investigation into how enquiry-based learning can be used to improve the delivery of collapsed RE days
Croft, JacquelineTT52: Continuity and Progression suffer when teachers have failed to understand the Key concepts of RE
Crossey, NigelME19: To what extent is the modern operational soldier responsible for his moral decisions?
Cuffe, JosieTT07: Outdoor Education, Spiritual Development and Religious Education
Cummins, CharlotteTT342: A Light for My Path
Cunningham, JuliaTT388: Pilot resources for the Religious Education GCSE
Curran, Barbara-AnneTD16: A Study of Past and Present Approaches to Catechesis in Catholic Schools
Dance, SarahTT08: The Role and Nature of the Compulsory Element of Religious Education at Key Stage 4
Davenport, JaneTT80: To promote and enhance the teaching and learning of RE for pupils with SLD and PMLD
Davidson, JillTT378: Students as collaborators in the new religious studies GCSE AQA syllabus A
Davies, ValerieTT177: Religious Education as a Focus for Cross Curricular Work with Early Years
Davies, MarkTD23: Our Impassioned Calling: Finding God’s Will for His Church
Davison, RichardME07: The Animal Project
Dawson, DavidME22: The Head Teacher and School Ethos
de Grandis, CarmineTT211: Teaching and Learning in RE using Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences
de Gruchy, AubinME26: A Rediscovery of the Concept of Virtue in Counselling, Ethics and Theology
Dean, MartinTT27: Church Visits from the Classroom
Dean, MargaretTT37: Magic Moments
Dean, MargaretTT282: Language Skills & Strategies for Pupils with Special Educational Needs in the RE Classroom
Denton-Brown, SusanTT186: A Legacy for the Future
Docherty, SherrieTT367: Teaching against extremism: A study in response to Prevent
Dodwell, HelenTT46: Avenues to Awareness or Pathways to Puzzlement?
Donaghy, KevinTT108: Conflict and Conflict Resolution with links to the P6 Children of God Programme
Dorman, ColinTT309: Pilgrimage: A Journey in Faith
Dowell, JaneTT29: A Secondary RE Curriculum for Pupils with SLD and PMLD
Draper, AlexanderTT91: Changing Attitudes, Changing Beliefs
Drinkwater, LynnTT06: A Scheme of Work for RE in the Early Years for Children with Special Needs
Drumm, Georgina WR42: Progressive KS3/4 Link RE Programme and Schemes of Work
Duffy, PatrickTD31: Old Testament Ethics? Spheres of Influence
Dunman, HelenTT05: Assemblies Brought Alive
Dunn, KarenTT156: Developing starter activities to challenge all pupils to reflect on their own experiences and be motivated by a sense of purpose
Dunstan, ClaireME:038: Navigating the ‘Swampy Lowlands’ of Headship
Dunston, JohnWR65: Germans, Jews and the Enlightenment: Lessons for today?
Durcan-Smith, GemmaTT358: Major World Religions and Medical Ethics
Durkan, MaryTT329: ‘The Living Church’ Initiative: Practical ways of empowering children to play an active role in the life of their parish
Easton, BarbaraWR05: Beyond the naming of Parts: Unlocking Hindu Iconography for Teachers and their Students
Easton, Father RobertTT274: Stab Vests and Butter Knives – A Comparison between the Delivery of RE in an “Inner-City” Independent School and an “Inner City” State Secondary School
Easton, BarbaraWR05: Beyond the naming of Parts: Unlocking Hindu Iconography for Teachers and their Students
Easton, Julie TT404: A Triad of Possibilities
Eaton, SueTT100: The Development of a Religious Education Curriculum for Children with Autistic Disorders
Ebrahim, EleanorTD28: Making the preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist more accessible for children with special needs
Edgington, DavidWR13: Teaching Christianity within Religious Education
Edwards, YvonneTT96: Visiting Non-conformist Places of Worship
Edwards, TracyTT337: “He’s not brave. He’s Just a Statue!” Building capacity for spiritual, moral and social development at a special school, through the process of ‘Learning Study’
Elaine, FrierTT212: Developing a new whole school programme for Religious Education
Elcock, MargaretWR09: The Roles of Places of Worship
Eldridge-Mrotzek, MaggieTT10: Collective Worship in State Secondary Schools
Elliott, PaulSR02: Probability and Theistic Explanation: Some Introductory Remarks
Emanuel, CeriTT157: Assemblies for Primary Schools in Wales
Emerson-Moring, AndreasTT218: Another Brick in the Wall? QCA’s Non-statutory framework for Religious Education and its philosophical underpinnings
Ennis, IanTT173 Strategies for Teaching 5-14 Religious and Moral Education promoting greater coherence between personal search and world religions
Evans, RichardME24: Research into Migration
Evans, ChrisPS73: “Mind the Gap” In praise of ambiguity, numinousness and the ineffable: a theological rationale for the study of RE in secondary schools
Evans, PhilipTD21: A Concept of God: An Panentheistic Perspective
Evans, ChrisTD34: “Mind the Gap” In praise of ambiguity, numinousness and the ineffable: a theological rationale for the study of RE in secondary schools
Fairfax, BrianME20: Ethics in Schools: Reflections on developments in Australian Education with reference to the British approach
Fairhurst, SandyTT26: Making Multi-sensory Story Boxes for use with SLD and PMLD Students
Fancourt, NigelTT148: Assessing Empathy
Faris, WendyWR59: Learning and Teaching about World Religions
Farr, MichelleME30: Are Religious Education Lessons Contributing to a More Cohesive Society?
Farrell, WilPS68: ‘Of Lions, Wardrobes & Turkish Delight’ A Scheme of Work for KS3 RS
Farrell, RosieTT236: ‘After all. We invented it’: An investigation into White British students’ attitudes to studying Christianity in RE
Farrell, WilTT291: Of Lions, Wardrobes & Turkish Delight: A scheme of work for KS3 RS
Farrow, AlexanderTT349: ‘Talk Isn’t Cheap’
Farthing, JodieME25: Not just bombs and burkhas
Fawcett, MaryPS32: The Labyrinth-Space for God
Fayter, AnneTT149: Promoting Literacy and Developing Thinking Skills: Strategies to teach AS and A Level
Fearn, CharlotteTT341: Crossroads: what next for collective worship in schools?
Fecondi, RafaellaTT97: The New AS/A level Specifications: Cause for Concern or Celebration
Fernie, NicholasTT389: Being well autistic: Ideas to support the well-being of people with severe autism by minimising anxiety and stress in education
Ferris, ElizabethTT106: Developing Religious Multi-Sensory Story Sacks and Sensory Boxes
Field, KeithME03: What the Churches Really Say
Finlayson, MarleneWR53: Learning to Celebrate Diversity
Fixter, AngelaTT141: Schemes of work, lesson plans and resources to enable non-RE specialists to teach a series of lessons on Christianity to a class of SLD, PMLD and ASD pupils
Flood, FrancesTT86: An Evaluation of the Schools’ Community Relations programme in Northern Ireland
Flynn, CarolineTT246: Putting RE at the Centre of a Creative Curriculum
Foley, PeterTT208: Religious Education for All: Re-appraising Religious Education in secondary schooling in NSW, Australia
Fong, TheresaSR04: Fanning the Flames of Faith
Fortune, PamelaTT64: Underachieving Muslim Boys
Forward, HelenTT167: Assessment in RE in Key Stage 2 with emphasis on Special Educational Needs
Foulser, ViolaME04: The Euhanasia Debate-the Moral Maze
Freeman, JuneTT126: Adapting an RE Syllabus for Pupils with Severe and Profound learning Difficulties
Frith-Powell, LouiseTT317: A Creative Catholic Curriculum
Gallacher, EdwardTT116: The Problems Teaching Religious Education to Low Ability Pupils in Mixed Ability Classes
Gallagher, BarbaraTT163: Who Shall we get to teach RE?
Gallagher, RosemaryTD27: Corinthians – a Divided Community
Galloway, JonathanTT38: On the Prostitution of Religious Education
Gamble, SusanTD30: Running a successful after school Christian club in partnership with members of the congregations of the Parish Churches
Gardom, JudithWR71: Religion in Contemporary Society: Turkey
Garton, PatrickPS67: Spirituality & Spiritual Development: Where? What? Why? How? Who? A Current Snapshot
Garton, PatrickTT287: Spirituality & Spiritual Development: Where? What? Why? How? Who? A Current Snapshot
Ghani, MushtaqWR58: A toolkit to promote religious diversity and social cohesion in the multicultural classroom
Gibbins, ElizabethPS56: Developing a bereavement policy for the special school
Gibson, Eleanor PS090: 1,2,3 … Aaaaaaah!
Gilbert, JohnTT125: Who Is To Teach The Teachers?
Gilbert, AmandaWR29: Further Understanding of the Relationship between Christianity and Islam
Gillam, KatherineWR10: How can children reflect on Islam when there are misconceptions in the classroom?
Gilliland, CatherineWR01: Resources on Inter-Church Awareness aimed at KS2 of the Northern Ireland Curriculum
Gilliland, CatherineWR01: Resources on Inter-Church Awareness aimed at KS2 of the Northern Ireland Curriculum
Gilpin, ElisabethTT188: Unlocking Potential: Motivating students to achieve their best at Key Stage 4
Glasgow, RhondaTT379: Real RE – Effective teaching and learning of RE in a Primary School Context
Gleeson, RachelTT322: Working at the ‘heart’ of RE: a study of what makes enquiry based learning effective
Glynn, AlexisTT162: Buddhism and Spiritual Development (KS2)
Godfrey, SarahTT61: The Distinctive Contribution of RE to Children’s Moral Development in the primary Years
Goff, MartinTT21: Preparing for a Gospel Paper at A Level
Gok, Marie-ClaireTT368: ‘Fully alive’ SOW: making it accessible to students in a Moderate Learning Unit
Golding, GloriaTT160: Do SLD Students understand death and loss?
Gooddy, JohnTT203: Religious Education through the Curriculum and the Media: Consensus or Controversy?
Goodman, RichardPS72: Effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development is more than just good RE
Gordon-Barnes, SamanthaTT260: ‘ How can coaching skills embedded in RE pedagogy enhance the development of self-efficacy in KS4 high ability female students? ‘
Gotting, SarahTT245: Inner dialogue as a bridge to inter-faith dialogue: how can we facilitate students to engage in conversation with the “other” that goes beyond politeness?
Gray, RichardTD07: Was It Good For You? Open Readership of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Stories
Greaves, PeteTT60: The Vase and the Faces
Green, MandyTT101: Schemes of Work for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties
Greene, ThomasPS77: Attitudes to RE in Roman Catholic Secondary Schools in Scotland
Gregory, StevenTD15: Black Liberation Theology of South Africa
Gribbin, CharlotteTT265: Issue of Progression and Transition in Secondary Religious Education
Grice, PhilipTT09: The Use of Music and Video Resources in Religious Education
Grill, JudyME21: Hooked to Learning!: Extension Resources for OCR GCSE Syllabus Units 1-10 (using art and music)
Grimley, BernadettePS28: The Spirituality of Change
Gudgin, PamelaPS36: Creating Sacred Space
Guest, HelenTT65: Teaching Multi-faith RE in an All-white School
Haddock, Nicholas JRTT273: A Study of the Provision of Education Following an Emergency with Specific Reference to the Weligama Community Welfare and Education Centre (WCWEC) – Sri Lanka
Hadley-Pryce, DavidPS086: The value of silent assembly with the support of themed artwork and guided meditation to the spiritual wellbeing of young people
Hair, RobertTT28: Christianity
Hall, SuzanneTT369: The Power of Silence in a World Full of Noise: ‘You don’t always have to have something to say’ (Sammy Davis Jr)
Hall, JeremyPS43: Virtue Ethics for Key Stage 5
Hall, AnnTD14: An Exploration of the Compatibility of a Scientific Worldview and the Existence of a Creator God
Hall, StephanieWR46: Teaching Faith in RE: a search for the heart of Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Halsall, LauraTT247: Vocational Education: A Threat or an Opportunity?
Ham, KerryTT390: Stretch and challenge within RE (enabling students to meet the requirements of the GCSE paper at the end of KS3)
Hancock, RaeTT356: More than just words and pictures: How can comic books support a richer, more inclusive RE?
Hansen, HeatherME13: A Study of ‘Ethics and Religion’ at A/S Level
Harbutt, LisaTT279: Deep Thought in RS – Building habits of deep thought in the KS4 RS classroom
Hardcastle, JuneTD25: Theological Frameworks for the distinctive nature of Church Schools
Harding, JohnTT275: Conversational RE
Hardman, EmilyTT391: Who am I called to be? A scheme of work on spirituality
Harle, JuliaTT72: Children’s Self Assessment of Learning from Religion
Harper, CynthiaTT66: Learning From Religions
Harpum, StephenME34: The Role of Compassion in the Leadership of Change
Harris, IanTT307: Using Smartphones in RS Lessons KS3-5
Harrison, CamillaPS45: Looking for God in Art and Literature
Harrison, CamillaPS61: Pilgrimage in the UK
Harrison, MaureenTT54: The Enhancement and Development of Learning Opportunities in RE using IT
Hartley, MylesTT237: Choral Music: A Practical Guide
Hayhurst, MatthewTT421: Creation of a Podcast Series to Support the Understanding of Ethical Theories at A-Level
Heaney, StellaTD13: An Appraisal of relevant Internet Sites for A level Church History (N.I.)
Hemming, TerryPS47: Marching to Zion or Standing on Holy Ground: An exploration of how to provide young people with an experience of holy place
Henaughan, MarionTT216: Supporting the embedding of ICT in Primary RE
Henderson, JaneTT56: Assessing the Non-Assessable
Herring, CatherineTD38: Turning the Tide – Communicating Catholic ethos to the major stakeholders in schools and colleges
Herron, RuthTT180: RE: Religious Exercise or Relevant Experience: The overlap between RE and Personal Development in Northern Ireland
Hewett, AnneTT306: What’s it like to belong to the Christian Church in Africa?
Heys, TracyTT136: The Assessment of RE at KS1 for children with global or specific speech and/or language difficulties
Hildreth, RaginiPS17: An Investigation into the Perceptions of Primary Staff and Pupils regarding the Spiritual
Hill, GwenPS04: Developing Spirituality in Secondary Schools
Hill, GwenPS04: Developing Spirituality in Secondary Schools
Hines, ValerieTT174: Teaching and Learning Styles in Key Stages 3 & 4
Hird, MichelleTT152: An evaluation of a modular approach to the teaching of humanities in a school for pupils with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties
Hodgkins, SusanTT241: RE, the Creative Arts and Spirituality
Holderness, JackiePS096: A Passport to Pilgrimage: Sacred Places, Shrines and Schools . . .
Holland, AmandaTT210: To develop interactive resources for use within the classroom that will enhance the delivery of the ‘Assessment for Learning’ Strategy
Hopper, JoanneME31: The Promise: A theological approach to human rights education in RE
Hopper, JoannePS69: The Promise: A Theological Approach to Human Rights Education in RE
Hopper, JoanneTT292: The Promise: A Theological Approach to Human Rights Education in RE
Horsfield, SarahTT189: Different Views for autistic pupils in Mainstream GCSE RE
Hossanah-Grant, SelinaTT113: Raising Achievement in Inner City Schools
How, AndrewTT207: The Value of Ethos
Hudson, SueTT298: The World as a Village of One Hundred People – Considering multi-faith community differences within Primary RE
Hughes, MaureenTT78: Teaching RE with citizenship through Drama at KS1
Hughes, CathyTT172: Ways to Pray with Children
Hughes, Iona WR35: Buddhism: An Information Pack for Primary School Teachers
Hugill, DanielTT302: How does the work of Jerome Bruner contribute to the interpretive approach and to RE more generally?
Hunt, AlisonTT169: Access to Genuine Equal Opportunities for Disabled Children: the choice between special and mainstream education: some practical ideas for accessing a GCSE in RE
Hunt, NathanTT264: The Role of the Headteacher in Creating a Distinctive, Positive and Effective Christian Ethos in a Church of England Primary School
Huntley, IanME10: Ethical Military Leadership
Hurkardas, FionaWR45: CD-Roms and associated information booklets on Christianity and Islam
Hurson, ShaunaTT343: Making Scripture Relevant: Identifying new approaches to learning through drama, with a focus on Mark’s Gospel at GCSE
Hutchings, HelenTT308: The Problem of Evil and Suffering
Hyde, NormaTT103: Symbols and Symbolism in a Secondary Special School
Hynd, HelenPS53: Faith in Schools: How far can schools go to support the faith of individual pupils?
I'Anson, JohnTT39: Personal Search in Context
Irvine, DerekTT170: Acts of the Apostles: Notes designed for Advanced Subsidiary Religious Studies Specification ASR2: An Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles (CCEA Northern Ireland)
Jabbar, ShabanaTT261: ‘Construct or Destruct? The Value of a Constructivist Approach in Religious Education’
Jackson, EddyTT153: The DARE Project: digital assembly resources for educators
Jackson, PeterTT178: The Interface between Religious Education and Citizenship Education
Jackson, ElizabethWR50: Improving the resources for the six world faiths in a rural area: mission impossible or golden opportunity?
James, KevinWR07: Presenting the Buddhist Tradition at Advanced level
Jarmy, ClareTT429: Rules of Serious Engagement
Jarvis, ColinTT22: Enhancing the Teaching of Religious Education Using the Internet
Jeffery, SusanPS39: Getting better arguments out of the sixth form
Jeffery, SusanTD08: The Mexican Day of the Dead
Jenkins, FrancesTD17: Celebrating St. David
Jenkins, LindaWR33: Using the Local Church as a Resource for Teaching Christianity at KS3
Jennings, MaryTT249: Putting RE Back into the Agenda
Jepson, RachelTT23: Unravelling the Mishmash in Relation to the Teaching of a Multi-faith Approach to RE
Jervis, ChristopherPS60:Why Richard Dawkins is not a ‘rationalist’
Johns, TinaPS03: Spirituality and Morality in the Life-World of Some Year 10 Pupils in a Luton High School
Johns, TinaPS03: Spirituality and Morality in the Life-World of Some Year 10 Pupils in a Luton High School
Johnson, DennisTD26: Learning to Love the Beloved: Teaching St John’s Gospel at A Level
Jones, DavidME18: An Evaluation of the Twentieth Century Metaethical Debate and its consequences for Contemporary Moral Discourse
Jones, Lilo DyfriTT135: Teaching Resources to support the Curriculum Cymreig within Religious Education
Jones, RosieWR34: The Good Stranger stories across the Six Faiths
Jones, HelenTT427: Ever Increasing Circles
Judson, JonathanTT32: Going Soft in RE
Kamran, SamreenaTT81: Active Learning in Religious Education
Kane, KathrynTT250: Orthodoxy and Orthopraxis – Theology as Intrinsic to Good RE
Kassapian, LisaWR27: Possibly Godfrey?
Kearney, JocelynTT185: David: Shepherd Boy to King of Israel
Keeble, ChristopherME32: Trust in God and Tether your Camel: A Guide for the Integral Moral Development of the Leader
Kendall, DavidWR57: ‘Mysticism’: Is it Practical?
Kinchin-Frost, HannahTT418: Raising the Profile of RE in a Secular State School
King, GeraldineTT110: Education for Love
King, CarolineTT253: To explore the use of drama in Religious Education to enhance pupil’s empathy with religious beliefs, develop spiritual awareness in all pupils using an all-inclusive medium and add to the creativity of Religious Education teaching
Kingston, GemmaTT344: Life After Levels: ‘Going Deeper’ – A framework towards mastery in RE
Kinloch, HazelTT286: Independent Learning at KS5
Kirk, JohnTT198: Julian of Norwich – a set of multimedia resources
Kirk, GillTT213:Teaching the SACRE element ‘Relationships & Responsibilities’ to children with severe and complex needs and those within the Autistic Spectrum
Kirk, JohnWR51: Using multi-media to promote learning about and from religion
Kite, PennyTT121: RE for Beginners
Kite, PennyTT171: RE for Explorers: Key Stage 1 Materials for RE
Kite, PenelopeTT392: ‘Sikhs believe in Shorts’, ‘the Holy Triangle’ and Other Stories from the Transition Phase: a case study of KS2 to KS3 transition in religious education
Knights, RichardTT197: Primitive Methodism
Knobbs, KarenWR61: The promotion of Multifaith RE in a Rural Middle School
Krisman, AnneTT16: Speak from the Heart: Exploring and Responding to RE in the Special School
Kueh, RichardTT332: Revisiting the Rationale for Religious Education
Lall, SurinderWR14: I know who God is: a study of Sikh children’s spirituality
Lambert, RuthWR22: Resources for Teaching Sikhism at Key Stage 1
Lancaster, JulietTT371: The ‘Hollywoodisation’ of the Holocaust
Lane, EileenPS42: A brief look at spiritual development among disaffected pupils
Langford, CarolPS22: The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) for A Level
Lankester, JulieTT25: Padded Budgies
Law, Andrew PS70: The Gateless Gate and the Narrow Way: ‘Absolute beginners’ in the Zen & Cistercian traditions
Law, DavidTT82: Collective Worship and Ethos
Law, AndrewTT304: The Gateless Gate and the Narrow Way: ‘Absolute beginners’ in the Zen & Cistercian traditions
Lawrence, RuthTT403: An enquiry-based RE scheme of work for primary schools based on developing an understanding of the Trinity
Lawrenson, MarthaTT225: Linking Skills-based Learning to the Northern Ireland Revised Core Syllabus for Religious Education (KS1 and KS2)
Laws, MelindaTT146: How to make primary school worship effective
Laytham, RobertTD12: The Bible is just Myths and Legends
Leaver, ElizabethPS59: Spiritual Development in Adolescence: Can it be measured? Can it be increased?
Lee, ChristinePS29: Terminal Illness in Children
Lee, JaneTT70: Religious Education through the Expressive Arts
Lehane, TeresaTT89: RE Story Boxes in a Primary Special School
Leiper, CaitlinWR06: A Whole School RME Programme from PR1-7
Leiper, CaitlinWR06: A Whole School RME Programme from PR1-7
Lemon, SimonTT312: Assessing Communication as a Cross-Curricular Skill Through RE at KS3
Lever, GrahamTT161: Pigs, Philosophers and Spiritual Development
Lewis, EliciaPS37: Philosophically Speaking
Lewis, CarolineTT83: Identifying good practice in Assessment Tasks and Recording Methods
Lias, BenjaminTT321: What Do Year 11 Students REALLY Think About RE?
Lievers, PhilTT47: Mentoring in Religious Education
Lightfoot, J StephenSR05: Life, Death and Beyond – Gateways and Resources at A2
Lightfoot, J StephenTT328: Life, Death and Beyond – Gateways and Resources at A2
Lloyd Williams, SionedTT227: What does RE look like at my school?
Lord, NicolaTT326: RE: Communication through Curiosity
Lovelock, PaulineTT215:Catch the Vision! An alternative approach to non-examination Religious Education in the 6th form
Luhman, RegSR03: Darwin and the Death of God
Lymn, CaroleTT263: Can You Hear Me? An Exploration of Student Voice in Religious Studies
Lyon, MarcusTT196 : The impact of Managed Learning Environments/Learning Platforms on the teaching of RE
MacBrairdy, DianePS41: Supporting bereaved children in the multi-faith school: resourcing staff
MacDonald, LouiseTT311: Exploring moral dilemma in the primary classroom through stories from world faiths and active inquiry
MacGarvie, WendyTT183: Developing Opportunities for Literacy in “The Church in Wales Religious Education Syllabus for Primary Schools”
Maddock, CeliaTT238: Quality Religious Education (R.E.) in the Early Years
Magill, FrancineTT192: Thinking Skills
Marks, MargaretTT11: RME Worksheets/Ideas for Secondary Pupils with Moderate-Severe Learning Difficulties
Marsh, FarleyTT105: Religious Education, Religious Literacy and the Literacy Strategy
Marshall, HeatherTT242: The ‘Prevent’ Strategy and Controversies: The Teaching of Jihad
Marshall, DominicTD32: How to Stimulate and Challenge Pupils in Key Stage 3 Religious Studies Through Using Westminster Cathedral to Explore the Sacramental Life of a Christian
Marshall, JohnWR30: Making Sensory Stories for PMLD and SLD Students
Martin, PaulTT18: School Ethos
Marx, RuthME35: Is the Role of the RE Teacher to be a Progressive Force in the Secondary School?
Marx, RuthTT327: Is the Role of the RE Teacher to be a Progressive Force in the Secondary School?
Mary, BainbridgeTT280: This Is Our Faith: active cross-curricular approaches to learning and teaching in RE
Mason, LeandaPS38: An investigation into how Awe and Wonder can be developed for pupils with SLD and a degree of sensory impairment, through the use of alternative therapies
Mason, AndrewTT134: Religious Experience in a Secular World
Mathieu, PhilippeME05: Religion, Human Rights and the search for a Global Ethic
Matthews, PaddiTT316: Helping A2 students use critical analysis when considering the relevance of Corinthians
Matthews, JosephPS091: Behold, We Are Doing a New Thing!
Mauro, ElenaME039: We Hold Our Differences in Common
Maxted, RolandTT145: ‘Sir, can’t we do the quick quiz?’ – challenge and appropriatness of task-setting at KS3 through the development of pupils’ writing skills
McArdle, LisaTT430: Moving Away from the Same Old ‘Sequence the Story’
McBeath, GordonPS07: An Early Morning Call for the Owl of Minerva
McCarthy, KevinPS13: Messier than the Models: Spirituality at the Chalkface
McClosky, Anne MariePS35: Sing Praise to God
McCusker, ClaireTT166: Music for Worship in Primary Schools
McDaid, MaggieWR66: Religious Education and Community Cohesion: or how to heal a fractured society
McGarr, AlisonTT424: Differentiated Revision Resources for Middle Ability Learners for the New Eduqas Religious Education GCSE
McGowan, YulaTT239: Developing Thinking Skills for Able Pupils through the Study of Buddhist Ethics at GCSE
McKain, NeilTT288: ‘Order… Order’ Why RS is the best subject in school for encouraging formal debating
McKenzie, ColinME09: Teaching Justice and Peace
McKenzie, AmandaTT401: How can we raise the performance of pupil premium children within RE such that they achieve as well as other pupils nationally?
McKibbon, DeborahME27: Human Rights… Human Wrongs: An Enterprising, Curriculum for Excellence friendly course for S3/4 Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies
McLaughlin, JimTT98: Teaching RME and Enhancing the Development of Self-Esteem
McMaster, PhilipTT414: Teaching the Skill of Thinking Itself
McMillan, DavidTT99: 5-14 Religious Education In Scotland-using the internet to meet pupil targets at Level E
McTegart, StevenTT252: The Distinctiveness of Church Schools
Mead, NickTT255: Mentoring Religious Education Teaching in Secondary Schools
Meanwell, AndreaWR23: The Mountains of Tibet
Meardon, BarbaraTT214: Supporting non-specialist Primary teachers in RE
Meredith, JohnTT372: Questions in religious education
Middleton, MoiraTT109: The More Able Student in the Comprehensive School
Miller, DeborahTT104: An Investigation into Primary Teacher Attitudes to Religious Education in Norfolk
Miller, SheilaTT187: A Cross Curricular Project for a Whole Primary School about the Life and Times of St Paul
Mills , LizPS12: The Doughnut and the Hole
Mills, LizPS088: Growing Together? How might creative RE projects help a school and its local intergenerational community ‘Grow, Together’?
Milne, HelenTD06: The Biblical Teaching about Life after Death and the Importance of that Belief for Christians
Mitchell, CatherineTT71: Using Music in Religious Education
Moody, ChristineWR44: Teaching Christian and Jewish Celebrations Using the Medium of Food
Moore, ElizabethTT373: Preparing the ground – a gardener’s approach to Christian values in the curriculum
Moore, SusanTT195: Teaching ‘Media’ through concepts
Moore, SueTT232: Audacity of Hope: schools’ contribution to community regeneration
Moore, Elizabeth TT373: Preparing the ground – a gardener’s approach to Christian values in our school
Moran, PaulME12: The interactive graphic novel
Morgan, CeliaPS64: Ultimate Questions
Morgan Lewtas, JanettePS78: Spirituality: A vehicle to teach better RE? Or the other way round?
Morgan Lewtas, JanetteTT352: Spirituality: A vehicle to teach better RE? Or the other way round?
Morris, StephenTT15: Teaching RS GCSE to Pupils with Special Educational Needs in a Mixed Ability Context
Moss, FionaTT69: Learning from Religion
Moss, SusanTT158: Differentiated units of work to support the teaching of RE in the literacy hour
Moulin, DanielPS51: Religious Education in the twenty-first century: a philosophical critique and practical suggestion
Mountford-Lees, JanetteTT345: A Guide to Flexi-Schooling for Small Rural Schools
Moys, PattiPS14: There’s Treasure Everywhere
Mulvey, CarolinePS19: The Influence of Media Culture on the child’s perception of Religion
Munson, HeidiTT229: Gifted and talented pupils in Religious Education
Murray, PhilippaTT202: Caring for God’s Creation: Developing the Ethos and Religious Education of a Global School
Murray, ScottWR68: Introducing the Baha’i Faith to the Scottish Curriculum
Murrell, SusanTT31: Faith in a Box
Myall, SteveWR26: The Scheme of Work for RE for Children with Severe or Profound Learning Difficulties
Napier, JillTT181: Affective and effective – what is RE for?
Nicholls, TraceyTT283: KS1 RE: A Concept-Cracking Approach
Nicholls, TraceyTT284: EYFS RE – Understanding the World
Nicholson, KatePS20: Who Am I?
Nicholson, AndrewTT114: Making R.E. Challenging and Exciting
Nicolson, JanetteWR19: Teaching Buddhism in Primary Schools
Nuttall, AnnaTT331: Constructing a framework for KS3 RE based on Ninian Smart’s ‘Seven Dimensious of Religion’
Nye, TaliesinPS24: Promoting the Spiritual Development of Children with Severe Learning Difficulties
O'Hagan, GrainneTT285: ‘Bringing Kolkata into the Classroom’ – Development of a programme of study to enable students to reflect upon and participate in work for social justice
O'Neill, ChristopherPS02: The Origins of Self, Soul, Self and Narrative in the Twentieth Century
O'Neill, CarolinePS05: The Value and Importance of the Retreat Experience in the Spiritual Development of Young People
O'Neill, ChristopherPS02: The Origins of Self, Soul, Self and Narrative in the Twentieth Century
O'Neill, CarolinePS05: The Value and Importance of the Retreat Experience in the Spiritual Development of Young People
O'Shea-Warman, AngelaPS71: What role do values have in a local authority maintained community school?
Offord, SamanthaTT84: The RE Input given to Students on PGCE Courses
Oram, HilaryWR17: Jewish and Christian Perceptions of God found in Bible Stories
Orchard, JanetTT34: Hope for HODs
Orchard, JanetTT132: Creative and Challenging RE
Osborn, LillithTT355: Spirituality, Religiosity and Autism: Towards a definition of autistic spirituality and religiosity and its development through RE
Osman, PravahiWR40: A Study of the Origins and Expression of Contemporary Pentecostalism
Oster, KarinTT374: How do we teach Islam critically, yet fairly? An exploration and reflection of different approaches to teaching Islam in Secondary schools
Ostler, RebeccaME11: Tackling racism in secondary school RE
Ouseley, RachelPS15: Just As We Are
Page, AdeleTT398: Reflections of an old teacher: A new model for CPD
Paice, SueTT20: Multi-faith RE in Rural Primary Schools
Palmer, EmmaTT425: Aren’t Sikhs and Muslims the Same?
Parker, AlanME08: Christian Attitudes Towards Wealth
Parker, AlanME08: Christian Attitudes Towards Wealth
Parker, Stephen PS52: First Thoughts on Spirituality in the Sixth Form College
Parker, PhilipPS57: Mountains and mountaineering: their spiritual significance
Parmar, NainaWR37: Using the Bhagavad Gita to Improve the Teaching of Hinduism at Key Stage 2
Parmiter, RobinPS76: ‘The Good Life: Research Fellowship’ A course that puts Religious Studies at the heart of the curriculum?
Parmiter, RobinTT334: ‘The Good Life: Research Fellowship’ A course that puts RS at the heart of the curriculum?
Parrish, RichardTT407: Does the Curriculum Matter?
Parrott, RuthWR70: The Importance of Music in Different Religions
Pate, MoiraTT120: Am I Asking the Right Questions?
Pate, MoiraTT235: Pupil Booklets to support the OCR GCSE RS Philosophy and Applied Ethics Short Course
Patrick, Anne TT14: Special Needs and RE at Key Stage Four
Pawson, EdPS66: Exploring Teenage Worldviews: A comparison of the way in which young people construct a sense of meaning in their lives across two contrasting schools
Payne, SarahTT336: Motivating the disaffected RE teacher: An active learning approach
Peace, SusanTT175: Religious Education and the Early Years
Peat, JeromeTT293: Art as a Doorway to Engaging with Social Issues
Peats, HelenTT375: Promoting high quality writing within RE
Pentland, RayME16: Promoting Ethical Decision Making in the Military: A case study
Phillips, BethTT194: The RE Training Needs of Newly Qualified Teachers
Phillips, SarahTT272: The Bible and English: The challenge of teaching biblically rich texts to biblically poor A-level English students
Pickering, CameronTT295: From Conversation to Invitation: A Bridge from Reason to a Reasonable Faith – The Apologetics of C.S. Lewis in the RE Classroom
Pickering, ChrisTT408: Faithquestions
Pocock, CatherineTT57: An Investigation into the Contribution of RE to citizenship and Preparation for Adult Life
Porter, GairTT360: An ethical framework for behaviour leadership in the classroom
Porter, KatharineWR63: Buddhist Perspectives on Contemporary Religious and Moral Issues: Practical Resources for GCSE
Powell, HuwTT67: Putting the IT into Liturgy
Poyser, MariaPS23: Healing Trauma and Spiritual Growth
Preston, EmmaTT431: More Than Just Words
Price, MaureenTT12: Religious Education: an engagement in and expression of imagination
Price, ChristineTT73: Researching Existing Assessment Techniques and Opportunities
Price, HilaryTT159: The distinctive ethos of the Catholic school and the contribution of Religious Education to this ethos
Primrose, KennethTT380: Stoking Curiosity: a moral and educational imperative
Proctor, JoanneTT431- Developing a Creative Approach to Religious Education in Primary Schools Through Visits and Visitors
Prozaka, ChrisTT85: RE and the Reluctant Reader
Raine, AndrewTT74: Using Information Communications Technology in the teaching of primary RE
Rama, HamshaPS65: The Application of Meditation as a Behaviour Regulator and Self Development Tool
Ramanujam, RaviTT259: ‘Active Learning to Promote Critical Thinking Skills’
Rayner, WendyTT376: A concept approach to teaching RE at KS2
Read, KimberleyTT423: Are Primary-aged pupils being sufficiently challenged in R.E.?
Reich, AlexTT346: Social Networks and CCTV – ethical and religious perspectives
Reid, JanicePS30: Supporting the Bereaved Child in Primary School
Ridgway, SusanTD18: Teaching Christianity Through the Eucharist
Robinson, TessaTT24: Factors Affecting the Selection of Religious Studies at Standard Grade
Robinson, JimTT35: Methods of Teaching RE Using ICT
Robinson, JudithTT193: What makes a good Primary RE Coordinator?
Robinson & Wilton, Jill & HelenTT409: The Full Monty!
Rockey, TraceyWR18: What is Worship?
Rodford, SusanTT228: Just a colouring sheet? Is Religious Education relevant to the Foundation Stage child?
Rodford, SusanWR25: Supporting Multi-faith Religious Education in Rural Schools
Roff, GlennPS58: Leadership in the Age of Uncanniness
Roft, KarenTT233: The Relationship between RE and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
Ronan, PaulineTT393: Raising aspirations through the use of SMSC and independent learning
Ross, CraigPS093: Analogous Philosophy & Theology
Rouse, ColinME23: Church School Headship – Developing church school leaders of the future
Rowark, HannahTT234: ‘Character Based RE’: A new technique in teaching AO2 in light of removing barriers to learning and acknowledging the role of Religious Education in effectively implementing SEAL
Rowland, PenelopeTT55: Not Noah’s Ark Again!
Salam, SairaTT381: Sowing the seeds of the future: Creating a faith forum to generate interfaith dialogue
Sarbicki, AliceTT382: Key Stage 3 Assessment After Levels: What next?
Sargesson-Jones, FionaPS79: ‘How do people express their spirituality through the arts?’ – To incorporate P4C and enquiry based learning into the Telford and Wrekin new unit plans for RE
Sargesson-Jones, FionaTT359: ‘How do people express their spirituality through the arts?’ – To incorporate P4C and enquiry based learning into the Telford and Wrekin new unit plans for RE
Scales, IanME01: Moral Education – A Fresh Look
Schnellmann, ClaireTT405: How Do Teachers Develop Subject Knowledge?
Scott, Carolyn TT351: Inside Out: Raising the profile of RE outside and inside the classroom within a non-faith primary school
Scott, LouiseTT410: Active Learning in GCSE RE
Selman, RachelTT79: Religious Education in the Early Years using High/Scope
Selway, ChrisTT377: Making RE real: Enabling children to develop greater understanding of faith and worship in a plural and largely secular society
Sewell, HeatherPS16: Experiential RE: is this an effective way to promote spirituality?
Sharman, MiltonTD01: Why Does GCSE Religious Education fail to Educate?
Sharples, VincentTT59: The Perception of RE at Key Stage 4
Shaw, AlisonPS25: Can Schools Develop Spirituality?
Shelton, PeterTT339: ‘The Diamond Standard’ – Making distinctive Christian character more explicit in Church of England primary schools
Shenton, DawnTT258: ‘ Planning Creativity into an R.E. Scheme in the Middle School ‘
Siara, MoiraTD04: On Holy Ground
Sillar, RuthTD05: Resources for Teaching about the Eucharist
Siphiwe Mgenge, SibusisoTD10: The Case for Jesus the Messiah
Smith, LorindaPS26: Touching the Deep
Smith, WendyPS48: Spirituality in Cumbria: Teaching Spirituality using Cumbria’s landscape, people and places
Smith, JennyTT41: GNVQ and RE
Smith, JustinTT278: Elephants in the Room: Holocaust Denial and Meaningful RE
Smith, SarahTT301: A Thematic Approach to Key Stage One RE
Smith, CarynPS085: The journey to create a visual model to support Spiritual Growth in our school community
Snowdon, JaneWR15: Sacred Writings
Sorry, CarolynTT433: Eduqas – Support for Students to Help Improve Access to the Exam
Southward, JaneTT354: Exploring Prayer with Children
Spacey, CeliaTT40: The Career and Employability Value of a Qualification in RE/RS
Spector, JonTT75: Religious Education and the Literacy Hour
Speers, DoreenPS094: A2 Philosophy of Religion Resources
Spencer, NeilTD29: “This is my body…”: The Eucharist in a Church of England School
Speroni, CatherineWR55: Teaching Other Faiths in the Catholic School
Stacey, JenniferPS087: An investigation into the impact of trips and visits on the SMSC aspects of learning for young people
Steele, KarenTT165: In What Ways can Religious Education contribute to Citizenship Education?
Stefanou, Silouani TT411: ‘Sources of Wisdom and Authority’ – Patristics
Stevens, SimonTT251: “Let Me In” – Spiritual Development Within Learning to Learn Programmes?
Stevenson, DeborahTD11: An Investigation into How to Cope with Death in the Secondary School
Stewart, HelenTT276: Acts of the Apostles in Relation to Today: How long is a piece of string?
Stoate, CatherineTT290: Teaching a Bible-based RE curriculum in a non-church primary school
Storer, LucyTT219: Developing RE enriched, extended-writing Literacy weeks in line with the new Norfolk Agreed Syllabus
Stowe, AlisonWR54 Developing a Collective Worship Policy in a Multi-Faith School
Stowe, AlisonWR60: Using Qur’anic stories that also appear in the Bible in Collective Worship
Such, SylviaTT271: ‘Making Christian Distinctiveness Explicit in a Church School’
Sumner, JocelynTT150: Using the media to raise standards in teaching and learning at KS3 RE
Sumner, AngelaTT179: Investigating a range of teaching strategies to enable effective assessment
Sutton, PeterPS40: Education into Worship: maintaining jewel carriageways
Swaby, JulieTD039: Developing Links
Tarbox, JennyTT124: Making Sense
Taylor, TessaME17: An Introduction to Philosophy: The Wit and Wisdom of Lisa Simpson
Taylor, GayeME28: Teaching Forgiveness & Reconciliation – Utilising ‘The Forgiveness Project’ at GCSE & ‘A’ Level
Taylor, LouiseTD33: Pilgrimage: A Journey in Faith
Taylor, SueTT412: British Values? No Problem!
Taylor, MarkTT422: What Can Help a Small School Both Sustainable and Effective in the Current Educational Climate?
Templeton, FionaTT168: Guidelines on Preparing Materials for ‘The Ministry of Jesus’ Option 1, CCEA Religious Studies, Entry Level
Templeton, FionaTT209: Interactive ICT Resources for use with Option 9 CCEA Entry Level Religious Studies
Tewkesbury, GillTT340: RE: Memorable, Meaningful, Motivating… a methodology!
Thomas, AnnWR12: Visiting Mosques and a Gurdwara in Wales
Thorn, SallyTT330: Spiritual Intelligence and Autism
Thorpe, HelenTT413: Developing Thinking Skills in RE Throughout the Primary School
Tibbey, DebbieTT305: Bahai Resources for RE Teachers
Tibbey, DebbieWR72: Baha’i Resources for RE Teachers
Todd, SueME036: Aligning Decision Making with Christian Values
Tomlinson, JohnTT357: The Influence of Religious Background on Achievement in RS
Toothill, Ruth TT112: Appraising RE Resources for Primary Children with Special Needs
Torrens, Heather PS097- VIVA-GO!
Trapp, PaulineTT30: The Wider Picture: RE and the Soaps
Trapp, AdrianTT221: Ecology and Religious Education
Trapp, AdrianWR24: Ecology and World Religions
Tredrea, JanetWR39: Judaism. Year 11 Classwork and Coursework
Trewinnard, TessTT138: Schemes of Work For RE in Reception Classes
Trower, AndreaTT300: Spiritual Differentiation: Which methods of classroom differentiation and what kind of learning processes facilitate spiritual enquiry within RE?
Truelove, SheilaTT68: Being Creative-Providing opportunities for assessing ‘Learning from’ in Religious Education
Trumble, GilianPS27: Spirituality in Education
Turner, JohnTD22: An Introduction to the Background and Life of Christ
Twomey, EileenTT394: Facing the challenges of the RE GCSE
Tyler, PaulTT19: In search of Male-Friendly Religious Education
Usher, BarbaraWR73: Inter Faith Dialogue for young people: Innovative ways to allow for encounter in areas lacking in cultural/religious diversity
Valentine, SimonTD19: Let My people Go! The biblical Basis of Liberation Theology
van Coevorden, KarenTT199: Using digital images to support the teaching of key features of religious centres within the London Borough of Redbridge
Vanlint, BarbaraPS11: Children’s Spiritual Development-why should we care?
Vappula, KatriTT36: Dorothy Heathcote’s Living through Drama in General and Religious Education
Vennard, JaniceTT220: The Celtic Church: Background to the Mission of St Patrick
Wade, JeanetteTT176: Effective Religious Education: Building Religious Understanding through the teaching of Ethics
Wadham, ClairePS33: The Innate and Developing Spirituality of Children in EBD Education
Walker, DonnaTT164: Contemporary Songs for Collective Worship at Key Stage 2
Walker, DarrenTT230: How many penguins does it take to sink an iceberg? – The challenges and opportunities of Web 2.0 in education
Walsh, GeraldineTT320: Delivering Sex Education within a Moral and Values Framework
Walters, MaryTT133: Creation and Creativity
Walton, BridgetTT111: Teaching RE to Pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Wardle, KarenPS50: Stilling and Guided Meditation
Warin, MalcolmTD20: Oswald: King, Warrior and Saint: Understanding Anglo Saxon Christianity at Key Stage 2
Warren-Smith, MarkPS49: ‘A Dynamic of Becoming’: an exploration into the different concepts of ‘Spirituality’ in the worlds of Business and Education, and the implications for Leadership
Warson, GillianWR67: Chanting: An interfaith resource pack
Waters, MohanPS63: A Model for Supporting the Spiritual Development of Students in State Secondary Schools
Waters, JohnTT92: Teaching and Learning Strategies for AS and A Level Religious Ethics
Watson, JuliaPS82: Telling Tales: The value of faith stories
Watson, JacquelineTT137: Making RE Work
Watts, JenniferWR31: Buddhism: An Intellectual Challenge for Key Stage Three?
Webb, HazelTT117: See, Hear, Touch and then to Dream
Webster, JohnPS46 Making Connections: God, the World and School Assemblies!
Wedge, HelenTT415: The effective delivery of Religious Studies to able students
Weeds, JohnTT289: Tending the Tall Poppy: Is it justified to make specific provision for gifted and talented puils? If so, how can this best be done?
Weightman, ElizabethTT94: Affirming RE
Weir, AlisonTT383: Crucial Conversations: How to provide more opportunities for learners (of all abilities) to engage with key concepts (deep learning) in KS2 Religious Education
Welfare, LouiseTT223: Developing a Fresh Approach to the Teaching of Christianity at Key Stage 2
Whale, PeterPS06: Developing Spirituality at Key Stage 3
Whittall, AmyTT200: Using the Interpretive approach for teaching RE to gifted and talented pupils at Key Stage 3
Wiggill, DeborahTT395: Symbolism of plants representing the life of Christ: an embroidery
Wiggill, DeborahTT419: An Embroidery: Peace
Wilcockson, MichaelTT143: Developments in A Level Theology and Philosophy
Wilde, JohnTT95: The Spiritual, Moral and Vocational Curriculum in the English Sixth Form College
Wilkinson, AlexPS74: 101 Provocations: Some for pedagogic use in KS2 RE, Others for … reflection
Wilkinson, AlexTT318: 101 Provocations: Some for pedagogic use in KS2 RE, Others for… reflection
Williams, AndrewTT17: The Career Value of Qualifications in RE and Theology
Williams, AlexandraTT102: Children in the Middle
Williams, LucindaTT296: Sacred Spaces: Challenging Places? Exploring the opportunities for cross curricular learning within a church environment
Williams, Marian IreneTT297: RE Schemes of Work & Teaching Resources for use with the Church-in-Wales RE Syllabus
Williams, Jonathan TT350: The Challenge of Engaging Pupils in RE
Williams, SarahTT416: WJEC/EDUQAS As Religion and Ethics Resources
Willmott, ClaireTT397: Green is the new black
Wilson, HelenWR28: Beyond Symbols to Meaning
Wilson, JoanWR36: Christian Marriage
Wilson, JulieWR64: A Creative, Playful and Empathetic Pedagogy for Teaching Sikhism as a Living Faith
Wilton, Helen TT315: Assessing Pupil Progress in Religious Studies at Key Stage 3
Winslow, JillTT201: Educating children about charity at KS3-4
Winter, PatrickTT428: Professional Disciplinary Dialogue
Winters, MelanieTT348: Now is the time to think: RE-Search – A student-centred search into the meaning and impact of RE for today’s child
Womack, RuthTT139: Planning and funding a multi-faith sensory garden to assist in conceptual understanding for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Wood, CavanTD02: Unleashing the Lion: Teaching the Bible in the Post-Modern Classroom
Wood, FionaTT13: The Value of Collective Worship as viewed by teachers and students in secondary schools
Woods, ImogenTT191: A culturally relevant RE curriculum for Key Stage One and Two
Wordsworth, BethTT206: The questions they ask
Wright, KathrynPS18: Removing the Bricks
Young, BeverleyME29: A New Scheme of Work for Year 11 GCSE AQA Syllabus B Unit 3 ‘Religious Attitudes Towards World Poverty’
Young, AlisonPS21: Paradox and Praxis: some reflections on religious education and women’s spirituality
Young, JanetTT248: A Mediated visit to God’s House (at Lichfield Cathedral)
Zora, SubhiWR03: The Chaldean Christians: Their History, Liturgy and Status up to the Present Day
Zora, SubhiWR03: The Chaldean Christians: Their History, Liturgy and Status up to the Present Day