PS090: 1,2,3 … Aaaaaaah!

My school, Phoenix, is an all age (3-19) Special school for children with children with severe and profound learning difficulties.  Many of our youngsters have additional needs such as complex medical conditions, multi-sensory impairments, challenging behaviour or Autistic spectrum disorder.  We are looking to develop our SMSC provision and to ensure that it is relevant to our changing community.  Sacred singing is something that I have offered from time to time – as a lunchtime club, as part of festivals and celebrations and as a stand-along session.  Initially it was part of the first ‘quiet assembly’ that I developed for the school, when after a period of silence I would end by singing a short chant or song, repeated many times to encourage joining in.    It is something that staff have always commented on positively and pupils have enjoyed, often responding in unexpected ways.  I am repeatedly met by the attitude that no one else feels they could do it, so part of this study is, I think, demystifying sacred singing, making it accessible for others to lead as well as follow.