Within our culture, three waves crash together upon our young people: a premature media self-awareness, peer-measurement, and self-promotion, external and internal higher expectations of themselves, and a huge need for healthy mental health to have the resilience to thrive, not just survive.

These young people need those they can trust, whether it be a parent, a leader, a peer who has the confidence to help them, and the faith in them to transform lives to journey beyond culture’s dictates, towards self-efficacy. VIVA GO! is a powerful tool to raise a young person’s life chances through listening, relationship and supported encouragement.  My VIVA vision is to leave a legacy of an effective, clear and powerful coaching tool which everyone can use.

What is it?   A values-based, solutions-focused coaching tool.

How long does it take?   30 minutes.

How often?   Once monthly, or as appropriate for the age and context.

Who is it for?   Resources for infant, junior, youth, adult and team.

How is it done?   One to one individually, or with a pair, group, class or team.

Can it be adapted? Easily adapted and developed for different contexts.

Who has used it? Teachers, Head teachers, Education leaders, coaches, parents, mentors, children leaders.