St Luke’s – Farmington Scholarships


Applications are now closed for 2023-24 Scholarships and will reopen in October 2023 for applications for the 2024-25 academic year.

The St Luke’s-Farmington Scholarships are awarded jointly by The St Luke’s College Foundation and The Farmington Institute. The Scholarships awarded may be taken in the form of day release of up to 30 days. During the period of the Scholarship regular tutorials will be held, either at Exeter University or with a locally appointed Farmington supervisor.

St Lukes Chapel

Who Is Eligible?
The Scholarships are for teachers of Religious Education or associated subjects, currently teaching in secondary schools, and primary school RE co-ordinators or other primary school teachers involved in teaching RE, in the South-West region of England.

What Subjects May Be Studied?
Scholars are free to study any aspect of Religious Education they wish but preference will be given to applicants whose work can be seen to be of direct value to the teaching of RE in schools.

How Much Will It Cost?
The Scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, essential local travel and, by negotiation with the school, the salary of a replacement teacher up to point 6 of the main pay scale.

What is required of the Scholars?
All Scholars are expected to produce an outline study plan of their project, which must be sent to the Farmington Institute before the start of the Scholarship. Towards the end of the Scholarship, the Scholar will give a presentation on their work at the University/School and again at our 2024 conference. All Scholars are expected to produce a written report on the work they have undertaken, which must be sent to the Farmington Institute on completion of the Scholarship. During the period of the Scholarship, there will be regular tutorials and at least one visit to the Farmington Institute, for a Farmington Day at the beginning of the Scholarship year. Scholars are required to attend the Scholars’ Conference before their Scholarship and the Conference after their Scholarship. Scholars who are still actively involved with RE will be invited to all subsequent conferences. The 2023 Conference will run from 23rd – 25th June and the 2024 Conference from the 21st – 23rd June.

Applications are now closed for the 2023-24 academic year and will reopen in October 2023 for scholarships in 2024-25.