TT419: An Embroidery: Peace

Schools can be full of noise, activity and demands with little time set aside for peace and quiet. SEN pupils, especially those with literacy, numeracy, working memory and processing weaknesses, can often feel bombarded by noise. In addition, for many, the ‘noise inside their heads’ is frenetic as they try to keep up, try to absorb and make sense of the information coming their way. Noise can be negative if their thoughts are always on catch up. For autistic pupils with social and communication difficulties, constant noise including instructions and discussions can be overwhelming. This project looked at the concept […]

TT404: A Triad of Possibilities

In England, around one person in every hundred is on the autism spectrum.  Autism is the primary need for 27% of pupils with an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) and more than 70% of children on the autism spectrum in England attend mainsteam schools. One subject where I have noticed these children have more difficulty than others is RE.  The concepts are often abstract and they are asked to think about other people’s points of view and emotions, neither of which are skills that come easily to them.  Through this scholarship I wanted to investigate two things: How does […]