PS091: Behold, We Are Doing a New Thing!

This is the story of one school’s transition from a state comprehensive to a Church of England Academy.  This report is a personal reflection on this process of transformation.  It is an honest tale of my fears and doubts as well as the opportunities presented to embrace a vision of life in all its fullness. It may be helpful to the reader to see this report as an improvised play. With this in mind, I have chosen to present this report in two ‘acts’. Act one scene one will give some context for this tale of transition, the opportunities it […]

TT402: Exploring the Gap between Key-Stage 2 and Key-Stage 3 RE

The transition from Primary to Secondary school is a significant event for both pupils and teachers.  This event naturally has an impact, most reportedly on progression and attainment  This is true across most subjects, and in particular Religious Education  This project aims to investigate where issues in RE transition may come from, and offer some possible strategies to help alleviate the problems. Although transition is an issue, and has been for some time, there is very little published research available  on the problem, thus this investigation took a practical approach, spending time in primary schools, planning lessons and teaching lessons. […]