TT447: Creating a Formation ‘Skin on Skin’ experience programme

Catholic schools today are for many families the new Church.  The Catholic education they receive may be the only time they hear or experience the Good News and think differently to society.  The traditional model of the past where home, Church and school developed a child’s spirituality and faith journey is not as strong in some areas of Britain so it is more important than ever that adults working in Catholic schools have time, space and invest in high quality formation.  The National School of Formation was created to provide opportunities for Catholic leaders to ‘kindle the fire’, to promote a renewed confidence and sense of mission for Catholic leaders.  Through this programme I participated in transformational projects in the UK and overseas, and visited such places as the Corrymeela Peace and Reconciliation Centre in County Antrim and St Scholastica’s College in Manila, which allowed me personally to experience an example of innovation, Gospel values and leadership in challenging circumstances.  The impact these visits had on me personally and professionally is profound, and I wanted my whole school community to be exposed to these experiences.  Many primary schools have built study visits into their staff training and I wanted to see how high schools can replicate this.