TT395: Symbolism of plants representing the life of Christ: an embroidery

Some of the most noticeable difficulties that many primary school pupils identified as having special educational needs can be seen in their inability to read fluently, write well, organise their thoughts and recall information easily. Religious Education lessons use the Bible as the main reference for Christianity. This prime written source is for many SEN pupils a reading block which can affect their understanding, output, enthusiasm, confidence and in some cases their behaviour.

This Farmington project sought to find a means to engage SEN pupils with reading, writing and memory difficulties through a practical and visual medium so as to inspire their understanding and appreciation of the links between the Old and the New Testaments, between Judaism and Christianity. To achieve this I researched, designed and created an embroidery to represent the birth, life and teachings, death and resurrection of Christ through the symbolism of plants. This embroidered piece has been used as a scaffold to teach pupils with SEN through various practical activities the life story of Jesus Christ together with the deeper significance of prophesies and writings in the Old Testament.