TT398: Reflections of an old teacher: A new model for CPD

Why are we here? Teachers that is. Reflecting on this question after twenty years in the classroom led me to apply to Farmington. The first decade of my career focused on my pedagogy, as I sought to develop strong, independent and critical learners. The second decade taught me that this isn’t always enough. I realised that for some learners the barriers to their progress were not related to the subject matter of Religious Studies but in their mindset to learning and the impact of other aspects of their lives. As I developed my coaching role with teachers too, their reflections identified similar themes and concerns.

During this project, I have coached a small group of learners and teachers who shared an attitude to learning which acted as a barrier to their progress both inside and outside of the classroom. This presentation will show how I have structured these coaching sessions from a personal development viewpoint and how I utilised the tools and insights provided by Assessment for Learning and Growth Mindset research. I will show that the outcomes are significant and that this process could be used as a new model for CPD in schools, without adding any more time or pressure to the school week.