TT401: How can we raise the performance of pupil premium children within RE such that they achieve as well as other pupils nationally?

I have a passion, as do countless people who belong to the human race, for equality.  Why should a child be destined to a predetermined future based on where they were born, the environment they live in and the other circumstances they find themselves under?  Unfortunately, evidence is rife in this area that there is an achievement gap at each key stage between disadvantaged pupils and their peers nationally.  This research project intends to explore the relationship between Religious Education (RE) and the achievement gap.  I will be focusing on the achievement gap in RE.

My aim is to understand why there is a gap in pupils’ achievement and evaluate the barriers.  I want to plan and implement interventions as best I can based on these barriers and formally evaluate these interventions in order to assist my school and other schools to narrow the achievement gap.  I decided to explore the main barriers and what I believe are the causes of this achievement gap between disadvantaged pupils and all other pupils in our school environment.  It also needed to be something that I was in control of as a teacher  Through research documents with the Chartered College of Teaching, action plans and impact from other secondary and primary schools who have won regional pupil premium awards, to the Education Endowment Fund, Sutton Trust and the PP and Ofsted Conference, I have been able to see some fantastic work that schools are doing nationally in order to narrow this gap.  As the Curriculum Team Leader for RE  at Brockington College I have decided to implement some of these interventions to see if they can assist in narrowing the gap in Religious Studies GCSEs and all other core GCSEs.