TT402: Exploring the Gap between Key-Stage 2 and Key-Stage 3 RE

The transition from Primary to Secondary school is a significant event for both pupils and teachers.  This event naturally has an impact, most reportedly on progression and attainment  This is true across most subjects, and in particular Religious Education  This project aims to investigate where issues in RE transition may come from, and offer some possible strategies to help alleviate the problems.

Although transition is an issue, and has been for some time, there is very little published research available  on the problem, thus this investigation took a practical approach, spending time in primary schools, planning lessons and teaching lessons.

The transition process, whether in RE or any subject, is the responsibility of both parties – primary and secondary. Secondary teachers all have clear expectations of what knowledge and skills they want their new Year 7’s to possess, but this is often not communicated to their feeder schools.  Even when these expectations are communicated, there is no collaboration with the primary schools to assist in them being met.  This is where this project aimed to differ – instead of making suggestions as to what feeder primaries could do, one would, as a secondary teacher, go into the primaries and teach pupils.  The intention of this was to not only enthuse pupils, but to also enthuse the teachers, who were lacking in their RE confidence.