TT403: An enquiry-based RE scheme of work for primary schools based on developing an understanding of the Trinity

The origin of this project was in response to the OFSTED report ‘RE -Realising the Potential (2013).  This document spoke of inadequacies of subject knowledge and few opportunities for pupils to develop the skills of enquiry into religion.  In particular, the teaching of Christianity was considered one of the weakest aspects of RE provision.  Reflecting upon my own practice, this resonated with me.  My diligence in researching other religions less familiar to me had, perhaps, affected the rigour with which Christianity was taught.  I believe that the teaching of RE has embraced new methods of enquiry in recent years and yet, the Commission on Religious Education Interim Report (September 2017) still regards subject knowledge and questions of meaning and purpose as key areas to be improved.

With this in mind, I have used my scholarship to develop a series of lesson plans for Y1-Y6 based on the key Christian concept of the Trinity.  It is an enquiry-based approach built on a spiral curriculum that allows pupils to develop religious literacy and engage with the mystery of a triune God, giving them a sense of the importance of this concept for the beliefs of modern day Christians.