TT430: Moving Away from the Same Old ‘Sequence the Story’


When I became RE lead at my school, I quickly realised that there is very little support for RE teachers in Wirral, particularly in primary schools. As my school is a non-faith school, there was even less support. My school has a different catchment area from many parts of the Wirral with one third of the children being Muslim and 126 children from 14 different backgrounds. From my research and discussions, it has been important to ensure my outcomes were suitable for my pupils.

A lot of the ideas out there are ‘old hat’ and focus on sequencing the story far too often. I felt that there was a need for finding effective and creative lessons, especially for Christmas and Easter. How many times can a child be asked to sequence Jesus’ birth, or write the story of his crucifixion? The time that is given to RE in my school is also very restrictive so I had to be creative in the ways in which RE can be delivered.

After joining the Wirral Hub for RE teachers, I began to feel that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. This was a great place to meet and share different ideas, many of which I trialed out at my school.

I have used my Farmington time to meet with other teachers, research good practice and create resources -which are available on request –  for Christmas and Easter across the primary school phase.