TT431: More Than Just Words

The new GCSE course demands a heightened expertise of religious literacy. With recognition of the controversy regarding the use of this term, my research initially sought to create a range of teaching strategies and learning resources to develop pupils’ religious literacy for the GCSE Islam specification. This included developing resources to support pupils’ use and understanding of key vocabulary, such as knowledge checker activities. However, as my research progressed, I became increasingly aware that being religiously literate meant more than just pupils recalling and using the correct vocabulary. Crucially it involves equipping pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills to engage with issues of religious beliefs, practices and discussions in a meaningful and reflective manner. My research has then led me to develop activities which require a focus and reflection on shared human experiences and strategies for attitudinal development. Whilst I had initially planned to focus on developing resources for this at key stage four, I have also developed resources for use in key stage three as well.