TT433: Eduqas – Support for Students to Help Improve Access to the Exam

Due to the curriculum changes that are being undertaken in school and starting the GCSE in year 9, and after engaging with the new specification, a challenge that we face is the students’ ability to formulate judgments in their extended writing and AO2.

In particular, this was a challenge for our weaker students.  As the GCSE is taught to the majority of the cohort, we do have a wide ability group that is accessing the exam.

I wanted to research and look at strategies that could be implemented in the classroom and allow students to achieve and access the higher bands, by improving their evaluation and judgement techniques.  I would like to look at ways key stage 3 students can implement these skills and rehearse them in preparation for key stage 4.

The wider impact of this, will be the students being more confident in applying their knowledge directly to the topic/key idea in the question, rather than just writing down everything that they know about a topic when they see a particular word. Students will formulate sound judgments, clearly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of arguments when completing a discussion question. Lower ability students will have more confidence access the exam language and have a clearer idea of the expectations of the exam criteria.

The scholarship has been an opportunity to review and reflect on the practice and in particular target the Year 11 cohort and the resources that they have access to. The successful resources were those that enabled students to have the opportunity to recall and retrieve prior knowledge.