TT449 – How Can We Use Stories to Deepen Children’s Understanding in RE?

As subject leader for RE in my primary school, I noticed that neither the children nor the teachers were particularly enjoying the subject, which was being taught by following the local syllabus for the Wirral.  We needed to improve the profile of the subject as well as the learning for the children.  I knew from my Literacy lessons how well children respond to stories and could develop skills in English by approaching texts in different ways.  I wanted to see how I could use stories effectively to improve RE lessons with my own class and then across the school.  In this report I share my research, together with lesson plans for teaching Hinduism and Divali to Year 2, a different perspective on Christmas for Year 4, trying P4C Philosophy with Year 2 and engaging Year 5 in lessons about Easter,  using story books by Bob Hartman, Anne Booth, Rachna Gilmour, together with many other ideas and resources.