TT454: Developing Critical Thinking in Religious Education

I began this journey in line with our School Development Plan and alongside work already complete in the Religion Department considering Thinking Skills at Key Stage 3.  The premise was to build on this work in key stage 4 with further analysis under the auspices of “Fake News”.

With recent developments throughout Ireland, including the 2015 Marriage Equality referendum and the 2017 Abortion Referendum, children are increasingly exposed to a multitude of ethical issues.  Religious Studies has never been so popular or relevant.  It is, therefore, crucial that Religion is engaging with Human Experience and preparing young people for a growingly diverse society.

The continued expansion of social media and an explosion of “Fake News” has made it more pertinent than ever for young people to be able to critique the news and the media they access.  I feel that the development of critical thinking skills is more necessary in the RE classroom than ever before.