WR64: A Creative, Playful and Empathetic Pedagogy for Teaching Sikhism as a Living Faith

Summary:This report aims to look at the development of a Creative, Playful and Empathetic Pedagogy (CPEP) in the context of Religious and Moral Education (RME) in Scottish Primary Schools. The CPEP approach allowed me to design, develop and plan units of work for the teaching of Sikhism as a Living Faith. It draws on the concept of Rich Tasks, to shape the overall focus of each unit ; the planning framework of Teaching for Understanding, to map out each unit and to develop understanding goals/performances of understanding ; and the transformative dynamic of REAL Learning to design active/collaborative learning experiences. Both the units and the approach have been trialled by teachers who are exploring ways to innovatively appropriate A Curriculum for Excellence and enhance formation of the four capacities in children. A focus on Teaching Sikhism as a Living Faith has also helped schools to become more proficient in forming learning partnerships with the Sikh Community in Glasgow. A playful, creative and empathetic pedagogy allows children to engage in their learning more fully and to connect their understanding and construct meaning in a more holistic, flexible and resilient way. To this end, I believe it ensures that children approach life with increased relational capability, reflective capacity and reflexive awareness.