WR71: Religion in Contemporary Society: Turkey

Summary: This project arose originally out of my own interest in the relationship between religion and secularism in society, and the inclusion of this as a topic in some recent A Level and GCSE syllabuses (in particular the new OCR GCSE syllabus C and the AQA Religious Studies A level).
My aims in this report were to research and describe Religious Education in an unfamiliar context, and to try to understand the relationship between religion and society that lay behind it; to produce some background information for teachers and students as material for study and debate; to help students and teachers to consider the complex relationships between religion, society and education in our own context, through looking at some of these questions in a less familiar setting.
Some concluding lines of thought, and more general questions, are explored in the final section. I look forward to exploring these further, and would welcome responses from anyone interested in this subject. (jgardom@perse.co.uk)