WR72: Baha’i Resources for RE Teachers

Summary:The aim of this project is to provide accessible and freely available resources for teachers wishing to include a study of the Bahá’i Faith in their RE lessons. It follows on from the work of Scott Murray, Farmington Fellow 2008, whose work provides a very clear and concise introduction to the Bahá’i Faith and its inclusion in the Scottish RE Curriculum.
The pitch is upper-Primary / lower-Secondary, with the information building from the introductory level to more in-depth study. The range covers the history of the Faith; key figures; principles and teachings and places of worship. It occurred to me that whilst there is a wealth of information for people wanting to investigate the Bahá’i Faith, there is not so much available for RE teachers to teach children / students about this religion as an objective study within the RE curriculum.
I have developed PowerPoints, lesson plans and schemes of work with essential information and reliable images for classroom teachers who wish to include the Bahá’i Faith in RE lessons. Rather than produce hard copies or CD Rom files, I have used a cloud space: almost unlimited space on a remote server onto which I could save all of the materials I developed. The freely-downloadable resources can now be accessed by anyone. I am assuming ‘no previous knowledge’ of this young Faith, and hope that the resources offered will be accessible and informative enough to help teachers feel confident in exploring this religion with their students.
I am most grateful to the Farmington Institute for the opportunity to complete this study on a topic which is very close to my heart.
Resource Location: tinyurl.com/BahaiResources
Email: deb.tibbey@gmail.com